Pure Insanity! Why Dallas is the dominant team in the NBA Finals

Posted: May 31, 2011 in NBA
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Apparently, its already been decreed that the Miami Heat are the NBA Champions.  The Finals are little more than a sideshow before the inevitable coronation.  Nearly everyone is picking Miami, most having them in four or five games.  The prognosticators really going out on a limb have the Mavs, possibly, getting to game six.

The only thing I can say to this is, what league have you all been watching?  Dallas has clearly been the best team in the NBA all season long.  If not for a 2-9 stretch played without Dirk Nowitzki, they almost certainly would have surpassed the Spurs and possibly the Bulls for the top regular season mark in the league. 

The playoffs have been no exception, particularly on the road.  Since blowing that epic lead in game four at Portland, all the Mavs have done is go 10-1, 5-0 on the road, closing out the Blazers and the vaunted Lakers away from home, and taking both games in OKC.  They rolled through three top 10 teams to reach the finals.

Miami, on the other hand, beat an undertalented Sixers unit, Boston with a decimated lineup, and a Bulls team that had been exposed by both Indiana and Atlanta. 

The Celtics without a healthy Rondo aren’t beating anyone.  And who knows how that series plays out if Dwayne Wade’s cheapshot on Rondo doesn’t happen?  Remember, Boston was rolling before the injury in game three, argueably should have won game four even with a one armed and ineffective Rondo, and had a late lead in game five.

The Bulls, much like the Spurs, were a team with great consistency in the regular season but flaws big enough to drive a Mack truck through.  They’re number two offensive options are the career-long underachiever Luol Deng and former out of tune Jazz man Carlos Loser, er…Boozer.  As most people in Chicago now understand, there were very few Utah fans weeping over Boozer’s departure.

This Bulls team amounted to a slightly more talented version of the Deron Williams-Boozer Jazz teams of the past few seasons.  It was a stretch, at best, to even call those guys contenders.  That Chicago lost was no surprise.  In fact, had they played stiffer competition, it very likely would have happened a round or two sooner.

So while Miami was busy strutting and preening against pretend hollow contenders like Boston and Chicago, Dallas was taking care of business against, far and away, the most difficult competition faced by any other playoff team.

Portland is no slouch, especially when Brandon Roy started to make shots.  And then there’s L.A.  What does a team have to do to get some respect?  All they did was totally decimate the two-time defending champions both physically and mentally.  This isn’t the Sixers or the Pacers they swept here, it was the Lakers for goodness sake!  Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Artest, Fisher, Phil!  The Lakers!  Three straight NBA Finals, two stright titles.  Has it occurred to any of these pundits that maybe that happened because Dallas is pretty good?

Then they handled what, in my mind, is the true heir apparent to the Lakers out west, Oklahoma City.  Not only did they frustrate the Thunder, they did it in such a way as to create some serious angst about the franchise’s future with all star guard Russell Westbrook.  Now that’s a victory when you not only end up ahead on the scoreboard but have guys doubting some of their best players.  By the way, that same thing happened to Pau Gasol and Brandon Roy, too.  Any guesses which of the Heat’s big three draws the doubters?  It will happen to one of them.

Lebron is unquestionably a great player, but for his career, he shoots well below 40% against Dallas.  Dwayne Wade and the Heat franchise haven’t beaten the Mavs in several years! 

Oh yeah, there’s also that Dirk guy who, in case no one has noticed, is putting on one of the most spectacular playoff runs in quite a while. 

Anyway, my point is that all objective analysis points pretty clearly at Dallas not only winning the NBA Finals, but winning pretty easily.  The hype machine of the media however, insists the Heat will roll.  During the next couple weeks, Dallas is going to shock the world.  The funny thing is, it shouldn’t be a surprise at all.  The Mavs have only proven themselves time after time all season long. 

But much like the Lakers, when Dallas does beat Miami, all people will want to talk about is what went wrong for the Heat.


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