About This Site

Welcome to my sportswriter fantasy land. Since I was a kid making up my own hand-written baseball preview magazines, I’ve always wanted to write about sports. I have actually built a pretty good career as a professional writer and editor over the years, but other than some occasional pieces on my blog, The Watershed Chronicle, I’ve never truly indulged my sports Jones. With this site, I hope to change that.

One of my favorite parts of sports is the inevitable arguements that ensue, so please feel free to comment early and often, and don’t be shy with your opinions. I know I won’t be.

-Dan Meadows

  1. charles walker says:

    Thank God you dont coach the Miami Heat. I dont think Ive ever read something more idiotic in my life than when I came across your article about trading Lebron James. WTF? A guy like you would take the Dream Team to a last place finish. Dick.

    I mean seriously, trade Lebron James to make the Miami Heat better? You dont follow basketball much, do you?

    • editor says:

      My point is that this team will never progress past where it is right now until they move one of their big three. You can’t trade Wade, the PR backlash would be enormous. Trading Bosh won’t get a good enough return and you’re still built around two dominant redundant pieces. The return for Lebron would be unheard of. They could add four or five pieces to their rotation, plus draft picks and still have a team built around two stars with a similar superstar in Wade. And you’d lose all the preening and premadonna garbage that comes with the King.

      Maybe they win a title with this team, and if they do, I’ll eat my words, but I just don’t see them as presently constituted beating a legit, deep team four out of seven. The took game two in Chicago but they only scored 85 points. The game was there for the Bulls to make a run, Miami only scored 14 in the 4th, but the Bulls couldn’t make a shot, 3-20 from three. they’re not going to hold Chicago to 75 every night out. The Bulls, on the other hand, can well hold Miami in the mid to low 80s every game, as they have in the first two.

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