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For years now, the Western Conference of the NBA has been brutal.  If you didn’t have at least a 50-win team, you couldn’t even dream about making the playoffs.  This season may signal the end of that dominance top to bottom.  Right now, the top five teams in the West seem fairly certain, although I am still skeptical of the Hornets and will be until they beat someone in the post-season.  San Antonio is set for the top spot out west and, barring injury, looks for all the world to be the odds-on favorite for another NBA Finals run.

Oklahoma City is still young and just feeling their way around real contention.  They’ll be in the mid-50s in wins and be happy to be a tough out in the second round, this year, at least.  The Hornets continue to surprise and play much better than expected, although they have first round knockout written all over them.  That leaves Dallas and the Lakers, two teams that, when healthy, are legit title contenders.  They also happen to be two teams frequently mentioned in the ever-present Carmelo Anthony rumors.  While I don’t think Melo will ever suit up for either, it does go to show that even the best teams in the league aren’t standing pat.

The six-seven-eight spots out West are where things start to get really interesting.  With the news of simultaneous spats with  star point guard Deron Williams and Utah GM Kevin O’Connor, Jerry Sloan’s impending resignation will reverberate around the league.  (more…)