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There are only a few days remaining until the NBA trade deadline and it seems as if Carmelo Anthony will be dealt to either the Nets or the Knicks.  Of course, things could always change dramatically between now and then, but let’s break this down in the simplest terms.   New Jersey has played this circumstance to perfection, and in doing so, have fired the first shot across the bow of the Knicks in the upcoming competition for the New York market.  Let me explain.

The Nets have nothing.  Their roster is a conglomeration of mediocre talents and so-so role players that contains nowhere near enough talent to even be a playoff contender in the sad Eastern Conference.  To be able to parlay any of that collection of junk into a player the caliber of Melo will represent a dramatic coup.  But even if it doesn’t happen, they have done something perhaps even more important; they will have forced the Knicks to gut their roster and exhaust their assets to land one player who doesn’t even fill a glaring need for them and, in fact, creates an even bigger need. (more…)

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Coming into the season, the Orlando Magic were widely regarded as one of the elite teams in the league, and a definite title contender. Well, a quarter of the way through the schedule, and it appears that, despite Dwight Howard’s consistent dominance, the Magic were falling off the pace set by Boston, Miami and Chicago in the Eastern Conference. Things have gotten particularly rough of late, culminating in losses in five out of six games, mostly on the road, to Milwaukee, Atlanta, Portland, Utah and Denver. The only win in this span was to the lowly Clippers. If anyone had any illusions that Orlando, as presently constructed, had any chance of hoisting the trophy, they no longer do.

Enter Magic GM Otis Smith and a roster makeover that could rival those made by Boston and Miami in recent years. With today’s two reported trades, the Magic will rid themselves of shrinking violets Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis, as well as perpetual Stan Van Gundy doghouse resident Mikael Petrius and unhappy backup center Marcin Gortat. In their place comes Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas and the return of Hedu Turkoglu. Welcome back, Orlando! (more…)